Alco-Screen 02 DOT Oral Fluid (Saliva) Alcohol Test - Case (24 pcs.)

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Alco-Screen oral fluid (saliva) test is easy to use, very accurate and DOT approved. Used to detect the presence of alcohol above 0.02% BAC.
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The Alco-Screen 02 is a very simple and cost effective product to quickly screen for the presence of alcohol.

This DOT approved test works by detecting alcohol above 0.02% BAC with a simple positive or negative result.

The Alco-Screen 02 oral fluid (saliva) test takes only 4 minutes and is a non-invasive test that can be performed anywhere.

Postitve Test Result Positive Test Result
BAC > 0.02%
Negative test result Negative Test Result
BAC < 0.02%

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to use and simple to read.
  • Results in only 4 min.
  • Perfect for zero tolerance programs.
  • DOT approved test.
  • No special training or certification required.

This is case of 24 individually packaged, one-time use tests.

This test is intended for professional and/or forensic use only.

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