Developed by Chematics, Inc., the AlcoScreen 02 Saliva OT Alcohol Test is a one-step, non-invasive saliva screening test used to identify persons with Blood Alcohol Concentrations (BAC) greater than 0.02%. Chematics, Inc. and AlcoScreen 02 have provided dependable alcohol testing solutions and have been the leading manufacturer of saliva alcohol tests since 1988. Having sold millions of tests worldwide, Chematics, Inc. is a known, reputable and trusted source, and can be relied upon to provide products of the highest quality.

One can rest assured that the AlcoScreen 02 Saliva DOT alcohol test is both highly accurate and dependable, as it has been tested and approved by the US Department of Transportation (DOT). This is the same quality product used by DOT to test all workers employed in the transportation and safety sectors for blood alcohol concentrations above 0.02%, known as the federally mandated "zero tolerance level".

It is difficult to determine the BAC wherein an individual is classed as “impaired” as there are a number of variables involved. These can include weight, physical size, eating habits, alcohol tolerance and activity levels. The US Department of Transportation has established that a BAC of 0.02% indicates that an individual is considered positive for the presence of alcohol and in accordance with DOT regulations, unable to perform optimally. The Alco Screen 02 Saliva DOT alcohol test provides assistance in regulating the inappropriate consumption of alcohol. The knowledge of whether or not an individual is under the influence of alcohol through the use of the Alco Screen 02 Saliva DOT Test can solve problems in family, occupational, institutional and safety sensitive situations.

Once the test pad is saturated with saliva, this simple, cost-effective test provides results within 4 minutes of testing. After 10 seconds, excess saliva should be shaken off the test pad. After the 4 minutes, the outcome of the test can be interpreted simply by observing the results on the reactive pad. The development of a line on the reactive test pad indicates a positive result (BAC >0.02%), while no line present on the reactive test pad indicates a negative result (BAC <0.02%). The AlcoScreen 02 Saliva DOT Test will react with methyl, ethyl and allyl alcohols. Many substances can interfere with the results of the Alco Screen 02, so it is very important that the user does not place ANYTHING in the mouth 15 minutes prior to the test. This includes non-alcoholic drinks, gum, breath mints, food, cigarettes, etc.

The AlcoScreen 02 Saliva DOT test is highly sensitive to the presence of alcohol, and it should be determined beforehand if the air in the area in which the test is being conducted consists of alcohol vapour. Alcohol vapour is often present in many institutions and homes and can be produced by disinfectants, deodorizers and glass cleaners. Testing for alcohol vapours in the air can be conducted by using tap water as a sample, and/or performing the test and replacing the test immediately back in its packaging to await test results. Please note that if there is alcohol vapour in the air, results may vary and/or be inaccurate.

The AlcoScreen 02 is a highly sensitive test that, if used accurately and appropriately, yields reliable results. Thoroughly tested and DOT-approved, the Alco Screen 02 Saliva DOT Test a cost-effective, dependable approach to alcohol testing.