Lifeloc FC20 Alcohol Breathalyzer

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The Lifeloc FC10Plus is a US DOT approved alcohol screening device.

The FC10Plus has additional features including time & date stamp, a test memory and printing capability.

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The Lifeloc FC20 is a US DOT (NHTSA) approved alcohol screening device. Utilizing a platinum fuel cell this device delivers reliable and very accurate results time after time.

The Lifeloc FC20 includes both BAC testing and passive testing modes. Passive testing does not require a mouthpiece and is perfect for screening open containers.


  • Automatic, manual and passive sampling modes
  • Auto adjusting backlit LCD
  • EasyTab mouthpiece eliminates operator contact with mouthpiece
  • Breath flow is directed away from operator
  • Fastest response and recovery times of any breathalyzer
  • User prompts steps the operator through the testing process
  • Very accurate, 1” Platinum Fuel Cell Alcohol Sensor
  • Long battery life – 160 hours of “on time” or up to 6000 tests.

Additional Features

The Plus model offers all of the the same features as the FC10 and the following:

  • On board memory keeps a record of the 500 past test results
  • Date and time stamp
  • Calibration monitoriing with lockout
  • Breath volume measurement
  • Adjustable Auto Shut-Off
  • Data Input Fields
  • Computer Interface
  • Printing Capability
  • Keyboard Option

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