Branan Medical Corporation has developed a quality product that utilizes oral fluids to detect the presence of abused drugs. The performance characteristics of the Oratect III oral fluid drug screening device have been clinically tested in the areas of its precision, specificity and interference. These studies have ascertained the accuracy and dependability of this product. Not only is the Oratect III oral fluid drug screening device highly effective in providing clear, expeditious, indicative results, its simple one-step testing system.

The Oratect III oral fluid drug screening device was developed to detect active abused drugs present in saliva. This drug screen device is effective in testing for the presence of cocaine, marijuana, amphetamine, methamphetamine, PCP and opiates/morphine. All of these drugs are detectable through the collection of saliva, which makes the Oratect III extremely user-friendly and non-invasive for the donor. This simple, one-step detection test collects the saliva sample and provides qualitative results for dugs of abuse within 5 minutes of collection. The test results are easy to interpret and one can rest assured that these results, if the device is used accurately and appropriately, are highly accurate.

The Oratect III oral fluid drug screening device consists of two membrane strips and a collection pad. The science of this device is based on a competitive immunoassay procedure, wherein the membrane strips compete to form visible bands on the membrane strips, depending on the amount of drug derivative present in the saliva sample. The presence of a purple-red band in the drug test window indicates a negative result, whereas the absence of a purple-red band indicates a presumptive positive result for that particular test/concentration.

In order to ensure the accuracy of the Oratect III Oral Fluid drug test, one must follow the one-step collection instructions correctly. Initially, before collecting the saliva sample, it is important to confirm the presence of a blue line in each of the two drug test windows, as this indicates that the test itself is unused. Once the collection is complete, carefully interpret the results. Please note that if there is no coloured band present in the CONTROL (C) region, the test is invalid (even if a band appears in the TEST (T) region) and a second test must be preformed. The presence of a band in the CONTROL (C) region indicates that the test has been preformed properly. The control band should always be present, regardless of the test results.

The Oratect III oral fluid drug screening device is a highly accurate and easy-to-use product. Its non-invasive and user-friendly approach makes the use of this device the simplest and most cost-effective approach in determining the presence of abused drugs in the system.