Orawell Oral Fluid (Saliva) Drug Test with Alcohol (ALC)

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The Orawell is a value-focussed instant, on-site oral fluid test that works incredibly well.

It is a one-step, easy to use product that screens for multiple drugs and alcohol simultaneously.

This test screens for the following drugs and alcohol:

Drug NameDrug
All detection window timeframes are approximate.
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AmphetamineAmphetamine25 ng/ml1-3 days
Benzodiazepine BZOBenzodiazepine BZO5 ng/ml1-3 days
CocaineCocaine20 ng/ml1-5 days
Marijuana - THCTHC20 ng/ml1-2 days
MethamphetamineMethamphetamine25 ng/ml1-3 days
OpiatesOpiates10 ng/ml1-2 days
AlcoholAlcohol0.02% BAC8-12 hours


The benefits of collecting oral fluid specimens over that of urine are numerous:

  • No need to provide a private area to collect the specimen
  • Collection of the sample can be observed
  • Non-invasive and more user friendly


  • One-step device, no sponges or activation of cassette required
  • Integrated flow line confirms sufficient quantity of oral fluid collected
  • Lowered cut-offs to increase drug detection thresholds
  • Easy to read results eliminates interpretation errors

This is an individually packaged, one-time use test.

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