We offer a full range of alcohol breathalyzers, both for personal and professional use. Using a breathalyzer is an easy way to accurately test for the presence of alcohol. A breath alcohol test can easily determine the exact BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) of a person in just a few seconds. The donor simply exhales into the breathalyzer for approximately 6 seconds and the device calculates how much alcohol is in their bloodstream.We sell a full line of breathalyzers, including:


Personal Alcohol Breathalyzers

Having a personal breathalyzer will help you determine your approximate BAC is and warn you if you have too much alcohol in your system. Using a personal breathalyzer is a great way of making sure that the alcohol that has been enjoyed is completely gone prior to operating a vehicle.


Professional Alcohol Breathalyzers

A professional breathalyzer is intended to be used in a hospital, clinic, treatment centre or shelter, by the staff so they test a person to confirm that alcohol has been used. Advanced technology and a more robust design compared to that of our personal breathalyzers


Workplace Alcohol Breathalyzers

Designed to take the abuse of a workplace, our workplace breathalyzers are constructed of more durable materials and with better quality components. Whether your are breath alcohol testing one or one hundred - you can count on these devices to deliver.


Evidential Breath Testers (EBT)

An evidential breath tester is used whenever the test results might be entered into evidence in a legal case. An EBT is normally used when confirming workplace alcohol screening test or by law enforcement agencies.


Oral Fluid Alcohol Testing

Oral fluid alcohol tests, also referred to as a saliva alcohol test, screens an oral fluid sample for the presence of alcohol. The test results can be viewed within a few minutes and some alcohol tests are colour coded to help approximate the amount of alcohol in the bloodstream.


Urine Alcohol Testing

This type of alcohol test is used to screen for the presence of alcohol in a urine specimen. Simply collect a urine specimen in a cup and dip the the test cassette into the sample. The alcohol test results are fast and accurate and appear on the test strip or test cassette in less than 5 minutes.