Drug testing can be done a number of different ways. The two most popular drug tests are point-of-care testing (POCT) screening devices and laboratory testing. A POCT device, also referred to as an instant drug test, can be used to screen either urine or oral fluid for the presence of drugs and provide a qualitative results. Alternatively, a laboratory can be used to both qualitatively screen the specimen as well as quantitatively confirm the drug test results using specialized laboratory equipment.

On-site Urine Drug Testing

Urine drug testing is a non-intrusive method of screening for drugs. The specimen that will be used for drug testing is normally collected from the donor in a specimen collection cup or device and then screened for drugs. Test results are available in about 5 minutes and are designed to detect recent drug use. We offer a variety of drug test kits that can screen from 1 to 10 different of drugs simultaneously, allowing you to choose the specific drugs that you want to test for.Urine Drug Testing can be performed using two different types of drug test kits:


Dip Drug Test

The dip style drug test is very easy to use. Simply dip the test cassette into the urine specimen and wait approximately 5 minutes for the test results. There is no need to use a pipette or any other testing equipment, however, we do recommend that you use our Personal Protection Testing Kit which includes a pair of medical grade gloves and a sterile urine specimen container.


Drug Test Cup

Another type of device is the integrated drug test cup. The all-in-one urine drug test cup is an easy-to-use device that features multiple drug test strips built into a sterile specimen cup. These drug test cups can be configured with 1 to 14 different test strips including drugs of abuse and specimen validity adulterant tests.


Oral Fluid Drug Testing and Saliva Drug Testing

An oral fluid drug test is an easy way to screen for the presence of drugs of abuse without the same privacy concerns of urine drug testing. Our point-of-care saliva drug tests are very easy to use and provide instant results in just a few minutes. Simply swab the inside of the donor's mouth and collect enough oral fluid to activate the drug test and then record the drug test results..


Hair Drug Testing

Hair drug testing is normally performed by a certified laboratory. A hair test can screen for a number of drugs of abuse and the most often abused prescription drugs. The hair drug test can detect use of these drugs for as far back as 90 days.