drug testFor the most part, introducing a drug-testing program in your workplace is a no brainer.  According to the Center for Drug Test Information, companies with implemented drug-testing programs for their employees experienced a 51% drop in workplace injury rates within two years of implementation. 

It has been proven time and time again that drug-testing programs implemented within companies improve safety, security, productivity, health, enhance worker’s compensation advantages and increase liability prevention.  What is the biggest and most important long-term benefit in implementing drug-testing programs amongst employers?  It saves the company money.

  • The average cost of drug abuse per employee annually is $10,000.  This cost can be attributed to Worker’s Compensation claims, employee theft, absenteeism, violence in the workplace and used health care benefits.
  • 20 million Americans are currently illicit drug users (which is very similar to Canadian statistics).
  • 15% of employed Americans abused drugs within the past year.
  • 8% of employed Canadians are currently illicit drug users.
  • Canada is rated second highest in the world for prescribed benzodiazepenes (tranquilizers/sleeping pills) and fifth highest for prescription narcotics.
  • Currently there is no Canadian law that requires mandatory drug testing in the workplace, although a large portion of the private sector and federal government have implemented successful, independent programs.  There is an ongoing debate in regards to introducing such legislation as opinions differ greatly on the matter.  Some argue that introducing legislation that requires mandatory drug testing in the workplace would face many challenges pertaining to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, The Privacy Act and basic human rights.  However, it remains undeniable that urinalysis or oral fluid testing in the workplace is extremely beneficial for several reasons.  Contact us today to jumpstart your new workplace drug-test program.

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