NxStep drug test cup

Workplace drug testing made easy.

Presently, there are no steadfast rules in Canada as to which drugs to screen for in the workplace. However, we feel that these drugs focus on the seven most commonly tested.

Our newest device configuration has been built specifically for workplace drug testing.

Drug Name Drug
All detection window timeframes are approximate.
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Amphetamine Amphetamine 500 ng/ml 1-3 days
Cocaine Cocaine 150 ng/ml 1-7 days
Methamphetamine Methamphetamine 500 ng/ml 1-5 days
Marijuana - THC Marijuana THC 50 ng/ml 1-10 days
MDMA - Ecstasy MDMA - Ecstasy 500 ng/ml 1-4 days
Opiates Opiates 2000 ng/ml 1-4 days
Phencyclidine PCP Phencyclidine PCP 25 ng/ml 1-7 days

In the United States, the DOT (Department of Transportation) has recently changed the number of drugs being screened for and the sensitivity of the cut-off levels. Not only does this drug screening device have the same seven drugs as required by the DOT, but also has the same cut-off levels. These cut-off levels are half of the standard screening levels making this test more sensitive when screening for Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Amphetamine and MDMA.

Following these guidelines is what makes us believe that our DrugCheck NxStep 7-Panel drug test is the best option in Canada for on-site urine workplace drug testing.

Lab Services

Use these POCT urine drug screening devices in conjunction with our lab confirmation service for non-negative screening results, and you will have a full-featured drug testing program ready to go.

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Note: These devices cannot be used for DOT testing as all DOT testing must be done by a laboratory